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Laura Fitton of Pistachio Consulting and Tipjoy, the microsharing company have been doing a fantastic job of raising awareness about clean water issues. Their goal is to raise $25k. Tipjoy will match up to $10k, take a look.

Last year I returned from India with dysentery. I was easily cured. But I’d seen so many kids living in squalor there, and I learned that for impoverished kids (like baby beggar whose insistent touch demolished my resolve the night I shot this) diarrhea can be a death sentence. 5,000 kids die EVERY DAY for a lack of clean drinking water.

Today 5,000 children will die of totally treatable illness because they lack clean drinking water. Tomorrow, 5,000 more will die. and the next day… and… That’s 35,000 children between now and Christmas. Yeah.

Safe water is a fixable problem touching MANY important issues:

  • children’s health and welfare
  • women’s rights
  • environmental degradation
  • international development in impoverished nations
  • equitable access to education

Unsafe water ruins health and opportunity and leads to military and economic conflict. Children suffer worst. Infant mortality is severe. Girls are kept from school to carry water for their families. Women suffer violent attacks and rape at remote water sources. Thousands of children, 90% of them under 5 years old, die from related infections. Every day.

These videos from Charity:Water provide even more answers: why water?

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